Emma Roberts has been used by RPers to portray Aimee.

This character was based on a Tumblrite who won a contest. The information herein is based on the original profile sent to CP Coulter's tumblr to create Aimee.

Aimee McKleenan is a sophomore who lives in Ohio. She is a friend and contact of Thomas "Dwight" Houston. She is a Wiccan with knowledge of the paranormal, and in Chapter 19, "Paint," Dwight calls Aimee for information and help on scrying. Aimee is thought to be more knowledgeable than Dwight, as well as less likely to believe in all manner of creatures. Aimee works in a metaphysical shop.

Aimee is a freckled brunette with glasses and blue eyes. She is originally from Texas, moving to Ohio her freshman year. She is the oldest of five sisters and has a "sister complex," which is hinted at in Chapter 19. She is Hispanic through her mother's side. Aimee's mother lives in Texas. Aimee's sisters are Coralie, Marielle, Babette, and Margot in order. Aimee lives in Ohio with Marielle and Babette (who have a different mom), but Coralie and Margot (who has a different father) live in Texas with their mother.

Aimee likes bands such as Muse and Tokio Hotel (which inspired her to learn the German language).