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Blaine in Dalton Academy uniform smiling

Anderson attends Dalton Academy, and boards in Windsor House. He first encounters Kurt Hummel as Kurt is trying to pretend he's a new student, and spying on New Directions' competition in the Warblers, Dalton's a cappella choir. Blaine thinks he made such a poor spy that it was "endearing," and allows Kurt to watch the Warblers put on an impromptu performance of "Teenage Dream". Afterwards, he reveals to Kurt that he is gay, and that he ran from his previous school due to bullying. He keeps in contact with Kurt, reminding him to have courage. When Kurt transfers to Dalton, their relationship slowly blossoms into romance. They are currently in a very deep relationship, and, though things can become strained due to the fact that Logan is relentless in his conquest to take Kurt from Blaine, despite the fact that Kurt has told him countless times that he isn't interested, and dating Blaine, it is obvious that Blaine is in love with Kurt, and vice versa.

Blaine is the Acting Prefect for Windsor House while prefect Charles Amos is recuperating from an accident and is a very supportive and good-natured guy whom almost everyone likes. His biggest problems are ex-loves and keeping the exceptionally hyper and destructive (yet very sweet) inhabitants of his house from blowing up the place.

Blaine has sung as the Warblers' lead soloist for quite some time, and enjoys taking songs and reinventing them. He has black, curly hair and light eyes, and suspiciously looks a whole lot like singer/songwriter Darren Criss. He is affectionately named The White Rabbit. Ships Drarry.

In the past, Blaine dated Logan Wright, but this ended badly and they had a very messy break up. Logan reveals to Blaine that he has feelings for Kurt and they get in a fight about it, which soon becomes a competition for Kurt's affections.