Daniel Abbot, usually called Dan or Danny, is one of the boys living in Hanover House. He is described as a cheerful, easily excited Junior, with sandy brown hair and green eyes.

Danny is seen at Justin's wing along with Spencer Willis, and rather hyperactive to a degree. It has been said that he is being groomed for prefect duty after Justin and Spencer graduate from Dalton Academy.

The side-canon Freshman Orientation shows that as a freshman, he was friends with Wesley Hughes, before the latter's transfer to Windsor House. They do, presumably, continue to remain good friends nevertheless.

Being Weaned-Off Self HarmEdit

It has been recently revealed that Danny is a recovering self-harmer. His wrists bear some scars, but over them, the word "Courage" is now written, done at the suggestion of his friend Wes, who was the first to discover Danny's problem.

Taken from a post in CP Coulter's tumblr, when asked what made Danny self-harm, and what made him stop:

"See…I used to have a lot of friends, I’ve got good grades, my parents are very successful, I can sing well… you know…everything that’s supposed to make things perfect. …thing is…it just wasn’t. I had lots of friends, but they didn’t know me. I’ve got good grades but that was because I’m actually really bad at academics and I stay up until two am everyday poring over books just to make sure everything right. My parents are successful but they’re always fighting because my dad’s cheating on my mom. They want a divorce. Guess what—neither of them want me. (hollow laugh)

I was really perfect on the outside but…I was just rotting away inside. I was always tired mentally and emotionally and all my other friends didn’t know me well enough to help. I felt really…really alone. And if my own parents didn’t want me, I figured who else in the world would? That’s kind of when it started.

After I moved to Dalton, things changed a little. And Wes noticed my weird habits and began to talk to me. I guess he told Justin, because the next thing I knew, I had a party all for me, for literally no reason. And everyone took turns telling me why I would be missed if something happened to me, because I was family now, I was one of them. I think I was crying the whole time but after that I was okay.

It was sophomore year when Wes told me to write that word on my wrist, but the truth is, after meeting everyone here and having them know every bit of me…even the parts I thought I should be ashamed of…I didn’t need to. (smile)"