The BasicsEdit

Erin Delaney is an out lesbian in Stanton High School. She is part of Blaine's old circle of friends called the Fabulous Five. She is a red-haired track runner with a lot of attitude.

From the side story The Stanton High School Fabulous Five, Erin is revealed to be quite strong for a small girl and could fight back against the boys if she chose (she gave a jock a headbutt and made his nose bleed). The full brunt of the bullying on her end does not come from the boys, but from the girls. She is an exceptionally pretty girl and had nearly once been made cheerleader until discovered to be a lesbian. She instead went to the track team and went on to earn a Regional record in sprinting.

Erin is the first person to suggest that the Fabulous Five would start to get together and become friends, and is shown to be fiercely protective, often going out of her way to help the others.

Current WhereaboutsEdit

After the death of Jude Whittaker, Erin's strong resolve began to break down after realizing that any one of them could be killed next. After receiving multiple threats not only from her school but also from the Catholic school where her girlfriend studies, she and her girlfriend eloped to San Francisco. She no longer runs, but remains in contact with Blaine.

Erin and her girlfriend Rebecca reappear in E23 - Showdown. Becca appeared first, searching for Blaine, with Erin following after. Erin and Rebecca currently remain obviously in love and together. They reveal that they have found Micah Randall, having run into him in a San Francisco book convention, and immediately brought him to Ohio for Blaine to see.