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The Twins

Evan is one of a set of handsome blonde twins. Don't be fooled by their sweet appearance, because they're masters of mayhem. Nerf gun fight? They did it. Embedding a jawbreaker into a snowball? Them. Breaking into Stuart House so many times that Stuart House started using keycards? Their fault.

Beneath their ultimate prankster facade, though, lies a genuinely good heart and an above-and-beyond loyalties.

Also, they throw wicked parties.

Evan is more flexible than his twin brother (the "springier" of the two), but has been misidentified by Blaine as such. The Brightman twins only differences are their favourite flavour of icecream, their flexibility and languages spoken. They sleep in the same bed and even shower together, and have never been seperated for longer than 14 minutes.

(Portrayed to the right by Riker lynch)