Hanover House


"in harmonia progressio"


"progress in harmony"


White, bordered by yellow



House Head

Murray Newman


Justin Bancroft


Located in the West Wing of Dalton, this is the farthest Dormitory from Windsor House. It is near the clinic building, and is surrounded by a hedge (the only house with any sort of "fence" around it). From its location, one cannot see Windsor House.


Nicknamed Switzerland by both Stuart and Windsor house. The Fandom has nicknamed them the Hufflepuff House. The Hanovers are known for staying out of the confrontations between Stuart and Windsor. Although we do not know much about this house, Wes has released that there are many secrets within Hanover and it may not be as peaceful as we believe.

Hanover students are labeled by founder Herman Dalton as "keepers of the peace", and it is suggested that there were many occasions when Hanover boys step in when the Windsor and Stuart confrontations go too far out of hand. Hanover students aim to keep a balance, and has a nearly equal ratio of Warblers, athletes, honor students and artists in their House.

Notable Occupants:Edit

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