Hansel "Han" Westwood
(Full name Hansel Tiberius Link Leonheart Westwood, his parents having named him after multiple fandoms) is Windsor House's resident techie and is affectionately known as the Caterpillar. Even his frequent online handle iamthecaterpillar says as much.

He is obsessed with technology to such a point that he has to crank down the temperature in order to keep all the servers from overheating. When the air conditioning is ineffective, he resorts to dry ice, causing smoke-like mist all around his room. His room is a battleground of gadgetry and computers, and his sleeping area has been reduced to a single futon at the side surrounded by gaming paraphernalia. It has, however, been suggested that Han does not sleep at all (the twins quoting that his online activity timestamps, when seen, just seem to steadily go on at all hours without pause).

He does his homework online and only leaves his room for exams; his parents told the school that he has a "delicate constitution." He has most of Windsor House bugged along with other parts of Dalton Academy. He comes in very handy, especially with his lack of concern for the consequences that could arise from hacking into government satellites (see episode 19: Paint).

Dwight calls Han the omniscient one, as from his headquarters, he can see and hear things that happen all over Windsor. This does not however mean that he is interested in them. In a discussion with Kurt, he mentions that he would only ever look in the feeds if he heard someone screaming bloody murder. He also mentions to Charlie that he does not keep tabs on people's love lives, preferring more important matters, such as episode marathons.

CP Coulter based his character off of her lovely band of tumblr followers.