Kurt Hummel is a Windsor House countertenor in the Dalton Academy Warblers affectionately known as Alice.


Kurt Hummel used to be part of New Directions at McKinley High, but became unwilling to stay at McKinley after a closeted gay bully, Dave Karofsky, threatened his life. He met Blaine through trying to spy on New Directions' competition at Dalton, and after Kurt's parents (Burt Hummel and new stepmom Carole) found out what was going on, they sacrificed their honeymoon to move him to Dalton Academy, a boarding school that Blaine attends.

Kurt clicks successfully with the new school's choir, the Warblers, and is asked to move into their dorm. Due to a fairly massive crush on Blaine and the fact that the school is over an hour from his home, he agrees to stay. Windsor House, his dormitory, could be fairly described as "Gryffindor on amphetamines," and coming in new is something of a shock.

Kurt's loves are couture fashion, musicals, and supportive curly-haired boys with light eyes. Pissing him off is not recommended. He's highly intelligent and loyal, so when you threaten him or one of his friends, you might as well be standing in front of a dragon spouting a very sassy flame. The cookies that he bakes can be described as somewhat addictive as shown in chapter 5, cookies and chapter 16, 321.