Basic InformationEdit

Merril Portman is a trans woman (the only one in Dalton history) currently staying in Hanover
Merril 1
House as a Junior. She is referred to as a female by a vast majority of the school (if not everyone), and absolutely everyone in Hanover House. When not in school uniform, which Merril immediately sheds given any opportunity, Merril dresses neatly and elegantly in female fashions. She actually looks very feminine, and this can be confusing for people who don't know the fact that she is a transgender person (since she attends a school for boys). Currently, she is pre-op, but taking hormones, as a custody battle over her guardianship continues to ensue in her family.

Merril's school standing is excellent, with a glittering academic record. She is a very headstrong and dedicated person, and one of her main concerns is her petition to become transferred to the Dobry Hall School for Girls, Dalton's sister school. This would be the very first time anything like this has ever happened, and she actively campaigns for it with the support of Hanover House and many fellow students.

Merril is tall with a rather lean but shapely body, and is slightly tanned, with wavy brown hair that was rather long (a request from her guardians to the administration), and wide brown eyes. From her normal clothing, it is unlikely anyone would be able to tell that she is a trans woman, and people treat her like any other girl.

Merril's whole backstory upon arriving to Dalton is told in the side-canon A Rainy Story, revealing her torn situation from her family and how Hanover House accepted her into their fold. It was also presently revealed that Merril has long held affections for her older schoolmate Spencer Willis, who apparently does not return her affections, as this side-canon explains, but it wasn't long after this when Spencer rises to the occasion and proves to the entire House otherwise, with an over-the-top screaming confession that he'd always liked her.