The BasicsEdit

Micah Randall is a member of the Fabulous Five and was therefore one of Blaine's closest and dearest friends. He is an incorrigible reader and often has stacks and stacks of books everywhere. In The Stanton High School Fabulous Five, Micah is first seen trapped in a gym equipment room trying to read a book by the light of his cell phone.

He is usually composed and had almost become indifferent to the persecution that he and Blaine received daily, as evidenced by his lack of any real concern during bouts of bullying. It may be that he simply gave up fighting altogether and instead turns his attentions to things that will make him happier.

It is also revealed in the side story that the rest of the Five would congregate with him with lots of books where they would read with each other without so much as talking.

Blaine also reveals in Jumping Hurdles that Micah and Shane were romantically involved, and very deeply so. The pair, with Micah's indifference and Shane's recklessness, took little precaution in their relationship. Micah agrees to return with Shane to the latter's home and were making out in full view at the living room before Shane steps out, the father walks in, and Blaine is takes the fall for the two by claiming that Micah was his boyfriend.

Current WhereaboutsEdit

Micah was thrown out of the house after the events in Shane's home and disappeared after Blaine took the blame for Shane's relationship with him. It is suggested in Blaine's story in Jumping Hurdles that he may have been threatened against contacting either of the brothers ever again. The side story adds that he may have been threatened and subsequently disappeared completely, leaving a heartbroken Shane. He reappears in EP 23 at the fair along with Erin and her girlfriend Becca.

Currently, the relationship between Micah and Shane are on uncertain terms, as their previous relations had ended abruptly. While their behavior upon seeing each other again certainly reveals that they must answer quite a few questions for each other, this puts things between Shane and Reed into a standstill.