Yellow warbler 2
Pavarotti, a yellow warbler, descended from a long line of warblers cared for by the Dalton Academy Warblers. Somehow - maybe when Logan or Kurt is in class, Han hooks him up - he gets his claws on a keyboard and tweets (as @FreePavarotti), mostly about "They won't stop feeding me glitter!" or "I'm trying to peck my way out of the cage." Thermite as a solution was suggested, but ignored.


It is a great honour to be tasked with the care of Pavarotti, and the ceremony involves quite a lot of pomp. The last person to be given the task of caring for Pavarotti was John Logan Wright III.


Pavarotti was kidnapped from Stuart House by the Windsor conspirators during a retaliation prank against Logan. Logan had broken the unwritten rule between houses that one must never tell a parent about what goes on within the houses when he spoke with Burt Hummel about the Brightman twins' New Year's Eve bash.

Current WhereaboutsEdit

After the kidnapping, Pavarotti resided in Kurt and Reed's dorm room in Windsor. However, after a mishap, Pavarotti is now missing. Windsor is on a lookout for him at the moment.

As of Episode 23- Showdown, though, Pavarotti was returned to Stuart House in the middle of the night. He was found by Bailey, with the Hermes scarf still in the cage.