The BasicsEdit

Rachel Berry is a member of McKinley High's New Directions. The first member, you might say; if you'd tried to get to that audition sign-up sheet before she did, you might have gotten an elbow to the face. She is absolutely certain that she is the world's next great star, and she will fight tooth and nail to get - and retain - lead solos. If you're actual competition for her, she will send you to a crack house.

That being said, she is capable of showing fierce loyalty to friends. And though she would never admit it out loud, the Glee kids are her only friends, and she loves them in her own messed-up way. Her relationship with Kurt is complicated; she considered him her only real competition within the Glee club, and when he left, she communicated - albeit in the Rachel Berry way - that she considered him a friend and wished him well at his new school.

And woe be to Kurt if he pulls a Dolores Umbridge and doesn't return her text. She will drag the entire club over to Dalton, make Santana do a dangerous flip over the fence to let them in, and pound on the door until the very disturbed Warblers open the damn thing.