Stuart House


"palma non sine pulvere"


"no reward without effort"


Red, crossed with white



House Head

Bradley Murdoch


John Logan Wright III


Stuart House is situated at the top of a small hill directly North of the South and Main complex. From this vantage point, Stuart residents are able to easily see all the relevant buildings.


Stuart House is notorious for being a haven for overachievers, and hence is the House which hold the most club leaders and honor students. While generally retaining a sense of camaraderie that allows them to band together to topple their main rival, Windsor House, the Stuart boarders are also rather competitive of one another and aim to outdo each other in small ways. Founder Herman Dalton has said of Stuart students: "Stuart boys believe in pure expertise."

The house occupants often stay up late into the night, doing their work, which is why they have an incredible supply of coffee and coffee makers within the House kitchen.

The Fandom has nicknamed them the Slytherin House.

Notable occupants:

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