Thomas "Dwight" Houston is probably the oddest of Windsor 's inhabitants. With a strong view of the occult (and far too many Supernatural marathons), he sees almost everything as being of demonic influence. He dabbles in quite a few arcane subjects, but his favorite is a spritzer of holy water and a bag of rock salt.

This, of course, means that the Tweedles just love to screw with the poor guy's head. On his birthday he gets it doubly - so much so that he locks himself in his room every year to try to get away from the inevitable pranks. Yet he is always tricked out somehow only to come back to his room having been turned into a horror movie set. Despite his bizarre traits, Dwight deeply cares for his Windsor family and is fiercely protective of them

Predictably, he owns a 1967 Chevy Impala, and it only plays classic rock. He is quite a good singer, and can also play piano and violin, but refuses to.



When Dwight was 13, his 7 year old brother, Alan went missing. Dwight was visiting his other relatives house at the time, and never knew he went missing until 3 days later. When he had found out, Dwight used a pendulum to predict the spot where Alan may be located. He was found lying dead in the exact spot that Dwight had predicted.