Windsor House


"nil mortalibus ardui est"


"nothing is impossible for humankind"


Royal blue, slashed with gold



House Head

Todd Howard


Charles Amos

Past Prefects

Blaine (Acting)


Windsor House is located East of the South and Main Building. It is placed more distantly from the Main compared to Stuart and Hanover Houses, in the middle of a clearing of trees. From Windsor, one can see Stuart House and the South and Main, but one cannot see Hanover House.


Windsor House is one of the three dormitories at Dalton; housing the most number of Warbler members, whose sanities are often questioned owing to the absurd ongoings that perpetuate the house.

Upon entering its grand halls, be prepared to hear a fire alarm go off, be nailed in the forehead with a Nerf gun, watch a kid manage to injure himself repeatedly by walking down the hallway, see massive fights over cookies, and maybe have your aura commented on.

Residents of Windsor, as kooky as they might be, are fiercely loyal friends... if you can live with the crazy.

Windsor House is also known for the fact that it has housed many distinguished alumnae, and that nearly all its graduates receive admission to an Ivy League school. According to the founder, Herman Dalton, "Windsor Boys break the boundaries".

The Fandom has nicknamed them the Gryffindor House.

Most likely thing to be heard in the halls:

  • Explosions (mainly from Drew's room)
  • Fire alarm (the kitchen is a main hazard spot)
  • Nerf gun battles
  • Sounds of accidents (mainly in Reed Van Kamp's direction)
  • Devious plotting (everywhere, but most obvious in the Common Room and Blaine's dorm room)

Notable occupants:

Noteworthy comments:

"So he likes to hang cloves of garlic at his windows…We've already convinced him to stop lining his doorways with salt!" - Wes Hughes about Dwight Houston, Pilot Episode: Windsor House

"All right, who gave Reed a soda can? I told you people, just give him a juice box or something where he can't hurt himself!" - Blaine, Episode 3: Voices

"So we slept through a blizzard, we're trapped indoors, and you want to go snowboarding?"

"We were thinking maybe trying it down the roof of the Observatory first. It's got a nice clean slope to it."

- Kurt Hummel talking to Ethan and Evan Brightman, Episode 8: Temperature

"And he found Reed standing there, holding a plastic bowl and eyes huge. 'Oh. What's the matter, Reed, did they get you too?

'Eat this.' And he all but shoved a whole chocolate-chip cookie into David's mouth.

'What are you—?' David choked and then stopped. He chewed and then looked at Reed, staring in shock. '…oh my—(swallow)—whoa—Reed…what is this?'"

- Reed talking to David, Episode 5: Cookies